Amazon Games specifies its ambitions for the New World end-game

Amazon Games specifies its ambitions for the New World end-game

New World players are reaching the end-game and Amazon Games intends to make it both more dangerous and more profitable, especially in the context of new expeditions (the dungeons of the MMORPG).

New World launched at the end of last September and more and more players are now reaching high-level content. To help renew the gaming experience, and update 1.1 was recently deployed: it notably includes a new weapon (involving a new style of play), but also something to spice up the high-level content of the MMORPG and these adjustments. are variously received by gamers – New World ratings have dropped on Steam and fierce criticism is being posted on social media (not least because some in-game changes weren’t documented in the patch note).

On the official forum, the development team is therefore working to explain its approach and its ambitions for the New World end-game.

We mainly remember that the end-game must be based on obtaining high-level equipment (craft materials to make them or by looting this equipment) and that high-level items must be able to be earned via a wide variety of activities, both PvE and PvP – in bulk, via turf wars and outposts, exploring elite areas, facing moguls or as part of MMO expeditions (the New World dungeons).

The developer nevertheless recognizes hiccups. The undocumented changes (which increase the difficulty of high level areas) are a mistake: the changes are numerous and some were overlooked during the writing of the patch note. The development team promises to improve this process so that it does not happen again. Likewise, the studio also agrees that the drop rate for Epic Chests is arguably too low. The developer will review it to make sure that the difficult content is paying enough.

We also remember that the studio promises more expeditions in the MMORPG universe (more instances to explore in small groups) and evokes updates “in the months to come”. The developer is not giving details yet, but data mining has already revealed that at least six dungeons are clearly in the works, as well as a group finder and increased difficulty modes for existing dungeons.

We know, initially, New World was more or less to take the form of a horrific survival game based very largely on PvP mechanics (encouraging toxic behavior among the first testers), before Amazon Game Studios revised its copy for it. make an MMORPG incorporating more consensual PvP mechanics and PvE content. Considering the original nature of New World, the PvE content is still proving to be rather sparse (few monsters, few instances). Obviously, the next content updates are intended to fill this gap.

Note that for players who would be tempted by these developments, Amazon is taking advantage of Black Friday to offer New World on sale at € 30 (-25%): the offer will be available on Amazon from 6 p.m. this evening, then at starting tomorrow Wednesday at 6:55 p.m. on Steam. Both offers will be valid until December 1 at 7:05 p.m.

A little over a month ago, Amazon Games kicked off the exploitation of New World and if the MMORPG has clearly found its audience, the last few weeks have sometimes been a bit chaotic – and in particular disturbed by bugs sometimes frustrating, and corrected more or less effectively. It was mentioned recently.

In this context, the developer is publishing a new “ dev blog ” more specifically structured around the PvP mechanics of New World (clashes between players occupy a significant place in the gameplay of the MMORPG) and takes the opportunity both to take stock of this. which works and what works less in the game, in addition to sketching out some of the tweaks to come over the next few weeks.

For example, we remember that open-world PvP is considered “correct” but that it can be improved. In essence, the developer would like to encourage more players to activate the ‘PvP’ tag so that more skirmishes take place in the game world. To achieve this, Amazon Games is considering better rewards for PvP players and especially Reducing equipment durability penalties that hit defeated players in PvP (which can be very expensive to repair at a high level ). This is precisely a point that was raised recently.
Likewise, the studio is aware that it is currently difficult to identify the players of its faction having activated or not the “PvP” tag (to determine if we can count on reinforcements, for example). The problem has been identified and will be corrected, but clearly involves substantive changes which will take time.

What about wars ( War )? They could be subject to adjustment and rebalancing. Their frequency is deemed appropriate, as is the win/loss ratio in favor of defenders – defenders win around 80% of conflicts, but this is what the studio wants, especially to favor companies that improve their fortifications. Depending on player feedback and in-game developments, adjustments may still be applied. And again, the studio also intends to try to improve communication between players.

Finally, territorial controls could also be subject to adjustments. As often mentioned by players, the studio intends, for example, to make the possibility of declaring a war easier. Likewise, the taxes that the territories bring are manifestly unbalanced: some territories bring in a lot, others struggle to balance their finances and to be maintained. Here again, a rebalancing will take place.
Finally, the developer also promises to add new PvP missions soon. The studio has a double objective here: to renew the PvP experiences and distribute them more in the game world, in more varied areas. And this was again a request from the players.

Cahcun will judge the relevance of the finding and the updates to come (are they sufficient?), But as often, the developer stresses that the comments of the players are welcome in order to refine the modifications envisaged in the more or less long term. in the game world.

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