The best-selling gaming mouse in the world at a knockdown price for Black Friday!

The best-selling gaming mouse in the world at a knockdown price for Black Friday!

Among the rain of promotions of Black Friday Week, we can sometimes find real pearls. At Amazon, the Logitech G502 HERO gaming mouse is only 32 € instead of 89 €! And this little field mouse is a real institution.


The Logitech G502 HERO mouse is the world’s best-selling gaming mouse. And for good reason, this is a high performance mouse that offers very comprehensive features. A perfectly versatile model for intense gaming sessions, offered here by Darty as the FNAC for Black Friday.

It features a 25K HERO optical sensor with adjustable sensitivity between 200 and 16,000 pixels per inch, which promises high-precision tracking, to adapt to the player’s needs instantly.

It’s LIGHTSYNC RGB lighting is customizable via Logitech G HUB software, as are the 11 buttons on the mouse. Ideal for configuring your model at will and making it unique.


With 121 grams without its cable, it can even be adjusted using 5 repositionable weights weighing 3.6 grams each. These weights can be positioned in a variety of configurations to choose from: front, rear, left, right and center. This will allow you to find the ideal balance to optimize your performance, depending on your individual profile.

The Logitech G502 HERO gaming mouse has a wheel with two scrolling modes – free or notched – which will be selectable using a button located just above the wheel. You can also scroll horizontally, very practical for image processing for example.

Its main L and R buttons are designed to last for 50 million clicks and feature good bounce, as well as quick and flexible operation. The gaming mouse also has a sniper button to change the resolution even in the middle of a game, to adjust its precision to the nearest pixel.

In terms of comfort, the G502 HERO gaming mouse offers excellent grip, in particular with optimal grip of the fingers on the edges of the model. To complete the picture, it offers PTFE pads leading to good glide quality. It is accompanied by Logitech G HUB software, a real benchmark in terms of ergonomics and possibilities.

Broken prices and first Christmas shopping: Black Friday promotions have started, a week before the traditional date. Merchants are counting on the operation to find their customers after a difficult year, but uncertainties remain, especially due to the Covid.

Coming from the United States, Black Friday is traditionally held on the Friday following the Thanksgiving holiday Thursday, November 26 this year.

In France, it is not a period of sales: sellers are prohibited from selling at a loss and giving the impression that the price reductions are comparable to that of the sales. This does not prevent you from finding discounts of -40% on coffee machines or -50% on phones and cameras.

The operation has become widely accepted in France in recent years, driven in particular by large online sellers like Amazon.

But e-merchants are not the only ones to benefit from it. “Physical stores probably represent between two thirds and three quarters of the total turnover of Black Friday”, estimates AFP Guy-Noël Chatelin, a specialist in consumption at the firm EY.

Last year, they coordinated, with government support, to postpone the operation to early December, to await the reopening of stores after confinement.

This time, containment does not seem to be on the agenda, despite the fifth wave of Covid. The traders nevertheless fear the health pass, which can be made compulsory by the decision of the prefects depending on the health situation.

Another uncertainty: that of possible shortages, due to supply difficulties from Asia.

“The actors who have less stock will not rush to sell off, and will rather prefer to sell at a correct price” , assures Emmanuel Le Roch, general delegate of the Federation for the promotion of specialized trade (Procos).

But alarmist speeches could also act in favor of traders. “The fear of running out and the fear of being stuck again should push consumers to do their Christmas shopping early, starting on Black Friday. So I think we can expect a good fortnight in terms of numbers”, observes Gontran Thüring, General Delegate of the National Council of Shopping Centers (CNCC).

“A good fortnight”, because Black Friday is in fact diluted in the midst of the many offers of reductions: in France, it lasts about a week. Some such as Fnac-Darty, La Redoute, H&M or even CDiscount and Amazon have already started. It also comes just after the Singles Day on November 11, or “Double 11”, a promotional event from China that is needed in the country.

It remains to be seen whether the French will go to stores: with the pandemic, many of them have taken up e-commerce, shunning physical stores, especially shopping centers.

Since the start of the year, Procos has observed a 10% drop in the activity of specialized stores compared to the first ten months of 2019.

“There is really a” cannibalization “of sales from physical stores by online sales,” says Françis Palombi, president of the Confederation of French traders, which represents the independents. He believes that promotional operations like Black Friday are not a solution to find customers and even encourages his members to boycott him.

In the end, it is the large brands present both in stores and online that should benefit the most from the operation.

And even if store attendance does not return to its pre-crisis level, retailers should be able to count on higher shopping baskets. “This is what we have observed since the Covid crisis: consumers travel less but buy more”, indicates Emmanuel Le Roch.

After the 2020 holidays shaken by the virus, the whole sector hopes that the French will decide to have fun and to spend the savings accumulated during the confinements.

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